The evolution of the paparazzi message.

1: Scarlett Johansson Reminds Us Just How Creepy Paparazzi are by having nothing better to do then following celebrities around.

2: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield take that scuminess and use it to advocate for charity in 2012.

3: Benedict Cumberbatch reminds the paparazzi that there are more important things to be taking pictures of then him making amazing TV.

All in all, these four stars are brilliant examples on how to handle paparazzi and show just how classy they are and how aware they are of how fame isn’t everything.

#Love #Neruda

#Love #Neruda

On the shelf next to 1984 and Brave New World

Recently, I have discovered that the power of a good book and readability lies in the fact that the book stands true for all times. The fact that you can relate, apply its themes makes it something you reflect on. People who have often read George Orwell’s “1984” and Adolf Buxley’s, “Brave New World” will tell you they are complementary books.  I wish to add Upton Sinclair’s, “The Jungle” to this list.

I am not here to tell you about the book or what quote some of the more memorable quotations (that would be unjust as everything in that book is worth quoting) but I am here to tell you what I took from that book and made a part of me (or tried to at least and will continue to do so).

I am in trying to grasp my head around the concept of being an “anarchist” when it comes to knowledge. The very idea that knowledge should be free and available so we may all develop and grow as we please sounds something from a fairy tale. Your knowledge should know no bounds sounds something so simple but I find it hard to do as we are only inclined towards ideas we accept. If you think about the depth of this idea, you should feel your head is about to explode at any time.

Another quote which as promoted me to buy the book “Bailout” was “swindler and thieves of pennies and dimes were put away by swindlers and thieves of millions of dollars”. If that quote does not instinctively remind you of so many people behind bars for petty crimes while Wall St. runs amok, I’m not sure what will.

Lastly, as my youth is passing me by and I wonder how much longer will this run continue, I was much touched by this piece of a poem:

"Bigger the heart and Nobler the bearing,

whose youth in fires of anguish hath extinguished”.

Makes me cherish my youth more and look at everything in the past with a smile and the future with optimism. My friend once said, “Let’s give life a big smile”.